Interesting moment


An interesting moment at Rijks museum, Netherland. Showing coincident interaction between the Rembrandt's painting master piece "Syndics of the Drapers' Guild" and the visitors. Taken in summer 2015, this is one of those rare best moment captured.

This photograph has been awarded 2nd place in people category National Geographic Travel Photographer of the year 2017 and also published on L'actualité digital magazine March 2017 edition.

When installed in study room or office, this particular photo is suprisingly beautiful and elegance, yet entertaining :)

"Humor is important in photography. Being able to make someone laugh or chuckle like I did while also making a photo of high quality is actually difficult to do. It requires quick thinking and quick action. This frame did just that. I love the repetition of the men in the painting and the men in the foreground, plus the mood you captured by underexposing the image."

Jeanne M Modderman, National Geographic Photo Producer.

"You're looking for something that's exceedingly well crafted and something that's visually strong, surprising. An unexpected moment"

Molly Roberts, National Geographic senior photography editor. Her comment for the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the year 2017 winners.

Interesting moment” stands out for the nicely ironic juxtaposition between the museum visitors and the painting’s figures. It seems that the figures in the painting are alive and are gazing at the visitors, rather than the contrary
— LensCulture Jurors.

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