Julius is a fine art photography artist based in Singapore - Dubai. His works focused on travel & lifestyle images and have received recognitions including from National Geographic Travel, IPPAwards, and Fine Art Photography Awards London.

During his early career, he specialized in computer graphic & arts interactive installations and was involved in both education research works and commercial projects. Some of his collaborative research works were exhibited internationally include Siggraph USA, Transmediale Berlin, CADE Glasgow, and ISEA Vancouver. Until in the past years, he has traveled extensively, and he always been fascinated with the relationship between place and lifestyle, which he began to photograph and capturing those essences.

His evolution from Computer Graphic/Arts Installation into photography allowed him to introduce another element to this union and extend his photography work further. The use of interactive arts approach and a keen eye on an elegant composition is enable him to challenge the border of traditional photography and produce images which often convey an atmosphere and go far beyond description.


'Curiosity is the reason we all travel'

Most of his works are open and limited edition series intended for interior design projects, art buyers, and licensing. Depending on the series, his photographs are printed using Digital Chromogenic method on photographic paper, or Digital Archival print on fine art paper which both produces deep and rich shades, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity that you can enjoy for a long time.

'I hope you are enjoying Julius pictures website as I am excited to be able to showcase my works and offer some of the work that I am most proud of directly to people through this website.'




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